Gamma Camp

For a few years now as Camp Araminta has grown, the vision team has dreamed of expanding to offer the camper experience to High School students. We are happy to announce that this dream is now a reality!

High School Camp is open to all 9-12 graders and will include all of the parts of Camp Araminta that our students come to love over the years such as lake time, awesome activities, and fun games. Most importantly though, High School Camp is built on Araminta’s commitment to immerse students in a week of intentional Christian community with a focus on Discipleship.

In planning the High School Camp experience, the vision team shared resources on spiritual development and asked the question “what skill set do our students most need to bolster them for a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ?” After much reading, discussion, and prayer we landed on two main things we wanted to give our High School friends in a week of camp:

• First, we wanted to help kids learn how to better connect with God through worship as worship is one of the primary tools that the Holy Spirit uses to help us more deeply know the Gospel and to draw our hearts towards God.

• Second, we wanted to give students the knowledge, tools, and skills to better understand Scripture individually. The resource that most influenced us was the book Move: What 1,000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth. In this book, the results of surveys of numerous churches, the authors conclude that the number one tool that saw people move towards spiritual maturity was that they could read, interpret, and apply Scripture to their own lives.

So, you might be asking “How are students going to learn these two things during their week at Camp?”

First, worship forms the “backbone,” if you will, of each day of High School Camp.

• We will sing together in two large group meetings each day using the best of contemporary worship music and the great hymns of the church.

• We will pray together using our Anglican tradition (Morning Prayer and Compline) and we will pray extemporaneously together and for each other in small group time.

• We will spend the entire week immersed in community with fellow Christians encouraging one another in our relationship with the Lord. (See Acts 2:42)

Second, Scripture is the basis for all of our teaching during the week in two different, yet complementary formats:

• Students will learn the big, over-arching, Genesis to Revelation story of Scripture: the story of God working in human history to reconcile all things to Himself in Jesus and to “make all things new” (see Rev. 21:5). This will happen through large group meetings where we will worship together and hear engaging talks about the critical plot points in the Gospel story.

• Students will have hands-on time learning to interpret and apply the Bible by meditating on God’s Word in small groups.

Another big piece of being able to offer this new High School Camp is the fact that we have been able to reserve the whole of Lake Swan Camp for the first time this year!

What this means is that our youth campers and our high school campers will have separate sleeping facilities, and separate meeting spaces. This allows us to form two distinct camp experiences catered to the needs of each group, but also allows time and space for fellowship between the two groups.

We are so excited that God has brought Camp Araminta to this place and hope your high school student will join us for this amazing week of intentional Christian community!

Time until Camp Araminta 2017!

See you there on July 16th, 3 pm!
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