All registration forms and information will be listed on the registration website.  Please fully complete the medical and medications section for each attendee as separate forms are no longer required.

A camp nurse will be on site for campers with first aid and/or medication needs. Any medications needed at camp should be brought in original prescription containers and turned in. Once you complete your registration, you can print the pre-filled form, fill out the remainder (Signature Form - found on UltraCamp's document page, which includes Youth Director's signature and Notary, etc.), and send it (along with your child's doctor-supplied Camp Physical) to:

Camp Araminta
Attn: Page Curry
721 Ingleside Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303

The above address is NOT the Camp Location!!! Camp is in Melrose, FL.

Time until Camp Araminta 2017!

See you there on July 17th, 3 pm!
Courtesy of Go Mylo Countdown